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Hey there! I wanted to say that I really enjoy this! I love the soundtrack, and it's something that doesn't make ya mad when you lose; just start again and have more fun!! I love both the character designs as well (soLong is my favourite to play as). I'm not the best at shooter games, like at all lmao, but so far I've made it to wave 11. Thanks for making an awesome game, yo! Hope to see you make more games in the future! <3


Ahh thank you ;3; (you've managed to beat my wave [10] xD), your words are motivating <3

loved the game any plans for it in the future?

Ahh shit thanks for playing dude!  Also that thumbnail tho.

Yeap, I've got some plans for it heh x]

One of my favourite so far. Great visuals, gameplay and sound. Difficulty stayed pretty low and I never really got into dangerous situations since health pickups were commonplace and each hit could easily be patched off before fighting more enemies, so I think the health system could be improved (or just add tougher enemies) but that's the only way I can really flaw this game. Great work!

Ah I see, does it happen in the higher waves too?  'cos I had a pretty rough time when testing out past wave 10.  Thank you for playing!  ^3^

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Thank you!  ^_^